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Brighten Up Your Day and Take a Look at Electricall’s Take on the Different Types of Lighting!


Whether you’re choosing a new light fixture for your kitchen or bedroom, or are a photographer looking into the best kind of lighting for your work, you should definitely take the time to research the different types of light and what they can add to your environment.

According to the experts on light, there are four main groups that each serve a purpose:

  • Ambient Lighting
  • Accent Lighting 
  • Decorative Lighting 
  • Task Lighting

Ambient Lighting 

This type of lighting, also known as general lighting or mood lighting, is the most common light source, especially for taking photos. Ambient light can come from either natural daylight or indoor light fixtures. Photographers tend to prefer the outcomes from natural sunlight, but in terms of what works best in your home, ambient lighting can be gained from indoor and outdoor sources. 

Indoor ambient lighting can come from several different light sources, such as LED bulbs, ceiling-mounted fixtures and floor lamps, and the light tends to illuminate the entirety of your preferred room, whether that be one standing lamp in your bedroom to provide a dimmer, cosy environment, or ceiling-mounted spotlights in your kitchen to ensure maximum illumination.

Accent Lighting 

This kind of lighting acts as more of a decoration as opposed to being purely functional. However, it is arguably an essential form of light to take your home design to the next level. For instance, accent lighting tends to focus on a particular area of your room, such as over an armchair in your living room or over a piece of artwork in your bedroom. This can add atmosphere to your home and emphasise the object it is covering. 

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting’s sole purpose is for aesthetic pleasure, to add something extra to the style of your home. Some popular types of decorative lighting include chandeliers, pendant lights and cove lights. 

According to Blocc House of Interiors, these are some key places where you can use decorative lighting in your home:

  • Upon entrance 
  • Over a dining room table 
  • In the living room  
  • Either side of your bed

Task Lighting 

Task lighting’s main purpose is to provide direction towards a specific area. For example, this type of light could be used whilst reading by providing down lighting on your book; this will help you to focus on the words on your page. Other tasks that this lighting could be used for are: writing, cooking, sewing, or any activity that requires attention to detail. This kind of light is usually found in the form of a desk lamp, a downlight or under-cabinet lights, for instance.

Lighting is a key feature of everyday life, whether assisting you in a particular task or just being a feature in your home. So why not take the time to research the type of light to enhance your home or workplace?


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